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Korumessut Gdansk AMBERIF peruttu/siirretty

Päivitetty: 5. maalisk. 2020

Gold, Silver & Watch messut piti olla myös Gdanskin messuilla. Kiinnostus on sielläkin herännyt Suomen messuja kohtaan. Nyt kuitenkin on tullut ilmoitus että messut ei toteudu ja siirretään elokuun 26.-29 päiville

AMBERIF 2020 will be held in August After many consultations and in-depth analyses of the business aspects of international exhibitors’ and buyers’ participation, a decision was made to postpone the dates of the 27th AMBERIF Fair, edition 2020. Having considered the diverse aspects of the AMBERIF International Fair of Amber and Jewellery, the Management Board of the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. has decided to postpone the dates of the 27th edition of AMBERIF to 26-29 August 2020. The facts known to the organisers, the due consideration of the unforeseen circumstances and the feedback shared by groups of exhibitors at meetings on 26 February and 4 March 2020, alongside the information provided to us in many direct communications, have led us to conclude that, in the current situation, the accomplishing of the business objectives of the participants in the fair which was to take place on 18-21 March 2020 is at risk. We are counting on your understanding and acceptance of the decision to reschedule, and that you will confirm this by your presence at the 27th edition of AMBERIF where we very much look forward to seeing you. We are convinced that the AMBERIF held on 26-29 August 2020 will be the world’s biggest amber event of the year. See you in Gdańsk, the World Capital of Amber.

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